Godtear AdeptiCon Ascended Pledge - Limited Time Deal

In stock
Available for a limited time only, you can save £55/€57/$80! The Godtear AdeptiCon Ascended Pledge includes:
  • Eternal Glade Starter Set
  • The Borderlands Starter Set
  • Rhodri, Thane of the Forsaken Holds
  • Lorsann, The Autumnal Wind
  • Halftusk, Warden of the Stonekin Isle
  • Blackjaw, The Sweeping Flame
  • Rangosh, Scourge of the Broken Plains
  • Raith'Marid, The Rising Tsunami
  • Rattlebone, Prophet of the Ascended Past
  • Grimgut, The Vile
  • Mournblade, The Soulless
  • Sneaky Peet, The Maligned

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