The Butcher's Guild: The Scarlet Circle

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"I remember we once celebrated to see the Master Butcher dethroned and absent from the pitch. How wrong we were. What came next was even worse.”
Obulus, Mortician’s Guild

Inheritor of the Master Butcher’s throne, Fillet is one of the deadliest individuals in the Empire. A peerless duellist, she delights in dancing around her opponents, cutting bloody strips from their skin before bleeding them dry when she grows bored.

Like any Butcher line-up, Fillet’s side punishes the opposition without mercy—but more frightening still is their command over the pitch. These players strike with unexpected speed, dragging the enemy around before delivering the finishing blow.

Coaches keen to take the fight to their opponents will relish this blunt and destructive team. This set includes 6 players: Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, Tenderiser, Veteran Brisket, and Veteran Ox. Also included is a 3D terrain piece, a goalpost, and a ball. All miniatures are cast in coloured resin.

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