Devil May Cry™: Expansion Bundle

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Bring a whole new level of carnage to your games of Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace with three awesome new expansions!

The Walking Arsenal expansion lets loose demons like the Hell Caina, Pyrobat, and Hellbat. Slay them with the help of a brand new playable character, Lady, and you might find yourself up against Cavaliere Angelo. Watch out for that serrated, four-bladed sword!

In The Alpha and The Omega, brace yourself for the spinning, spiked Chaos, and the bladed, teleporting Fury. Still hungry for more? Then take on two highly anticipated bosses: the power-hungry demon Urizen, the Usurper, and the most iconic boss enemy in Devil May Cry™ history—Vergil: the Alpha and the Omega!

Ready to unleash your inner demons? Then release that destructive power with the Devil Trigger expansion! Activate Devil Trigger to introduce incredible new forms and exciting new move sets for Dante, Nero, and Trish. Or, summon V’s third (and most powerful) demonic familiar, Nightmare!

In the Walking Arsenal box
Up the ante with awesome Lady minis and face highly detailed enemy models!
  • 2x Devil Hunter minis (Lady & Powered Up Lady)
  • 6x Hell Caina minis
  • 4x Pyrobat minis
  • 2x Hellbat minis
  • 1x Cavaliere Angelo mini
  • Over 120 cards
  • All the tokens and markers you'll need to play!
In The Alpha and The Omega box
Hack ‘n’ slash your way through these highly detailed enemy minis!
  • 2x Fury minis
  • 1x Chaos mini
  • 1x Vergil mini
  • 1x Sin Devil Trigger Vergil mini
  • 1x Urizen mini
  • Over 60 cards
  • All the tokens and markers you'll need to play!
In the Devil Trigger box
Release that destructive power with awesome Devil Trigger minis!
  • 1x Sin Devil Trigger Nero mini
  • 1x Sin Devil Trigger Dante mini
  • 1x Sin Devil Trigger Trish mini
  • 1x Nightmare mini
  • Over 80 cards
  • Additional rules to step up Lady’s game so she can compete with the Devil Trigger-enhanced Hunters (and the dreaded Nightmare)!
  • All the tokens, markers, and gauges you need to play!
(Please note a copy of Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace is needed in order to play these expansions.)

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